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FARB Talking Points

On behalf of the Federation of Associations of Regulatory Boards (FARB), attached please find the newly created FARB Talking Points , a document originating with the FARB Advocacy Committee.   The FARB Talking Points are a series of summarizations that address important aspects of the state-based regulatory structures and systems.  They are categorized under four (4) topics as follows:

            Effective State Regulation

            Board Composition

            Deregulation of Professions

            Active State Supervision

 The FARB Talking Points are a resource to FARB Governing Members and their state licensing boards when engaging in discussions and debates with legislators and other stakeholders about the regulatory community.  FARB will continue its efforts to address questions and issues as they surface but, more importantly, FARB looks to be a proactive voice for common sense regulation.  We welcome any comments or feedback on these Talking Points and any other initiatives that proactively address regulatory issues and the public served. 

AASCB is a governing member of FARB.  Send comments about this document to

FARB Talking Points

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