The American Association of State Counseling Boards (AASCB) is the alliance of governmental agencies responsible for the licensure and certification of counselors throughout the United States.

AASCB collects, interprets, and disseminates information on legal and regulatory matters, and works to further cooperation among individuals and associations involved in providing counseling services to the public. Furthermore, AASCB publishes materials for training programs and member boards.

Mission of AASCB

AASCB is an association of bodies which are legally responsible for the registration, certification, or licensing of counselors within their jurisdictions in the United States of America. The organization is dedicated to the concept that individuals who have demonstrated competence to render counseling services are entitled to be licensed, certified or registered as counselors by its member boards. The purposes of the Association include:

  1. To facilitate communication among its Member Boards and provide a forum for the exchange of information and ideas among Member Boards concerning licensing, registration and certification of counselors.
  2. To encourage and aid collaborative efforts among Member Boards in developing compatible standards and cooperative procedures for the legal regulation of counselors in the several jurisdictions toward the goal of simplifying the licensing, registration and certification process.
  3. To represent the opinions of the Association in serving to protect the public in those matters related to the rendering of counseling services. Such opinions may be represented to other counseling organizations; to legislative, judicial, regulatory or executive governmental bodies; and to other groups and associations whose areas of interest may coincide with those of Member Boards.
  4. To provide assistance to Member Boards in fulfilling statutory, professional, public and ethical obligations in legal regulation and enforcement.
  5. To engage in and encourage research in matters related to the legal regulation of counseling.
  6. To engage in any activities related to its purpose deemed appropriate by the Delegate Assembly of the Association.

Accepting competent counselors in the arena of professional practice rather than excluding individuals based on arbitrary or unreasonable criteria is a goal of the Association. While acknowledging that an appropriate educational and experiential foundation is necessary for professional counselors, diversity of training, focus of practice, and theoretical orientation is recognized as a major strength of the profession.